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December 15th, 2017

Added 4 hexies in the gift tree

and 10 bred petz (missed one)
Day 15
Anyone who answers the prompt by December 16th at 2pm will receive 10 candycanes.
December 13th, 2017
Day 13-14
Decorate a gingerbread cookie and post screenshot. Event ends tomorrow (December 14th) at 7pm to celebrate the start of my holiday from work. cool
December 12th, 2017
Day #12
Another damn tree to decorate? Yup! Anyone who enters before
December 12th, 11pm site time will receive 15 candycanes (I'll pick one to give 20)
December 11th, 2017
Day 11b
Freebies. Whoever posts in the cbox beforeDecember 12th, 10am site time will get 10 candycane.
Day Eleven
First 10 people who decorate the gingerbread house on the event page will receive 15 candycanes. One will receive 20.
(Sometimes I'm stuck between two so one might get 17 and another 20)
December 9th, 2017
Day Nine
First 10 people who decorate the snowman on the event page will receive 15 candycanes. One will receive 20.
(Sometimes I'm stuck between two so one might get 17 and another 20)
December 8th, 2017
Day Eight
Find the tree ornament, click it, and instantly be awarded 15 candycanes. (It's probably in a spot that makes a lot of sense :P)

Ends when you click it, and it will be taken down December 9th at 10am site time.
If you can't find it, try relogging.
Only eight days in and almost half the gifts are claimed already. I'll probably do one small restock when we hit more than half because I'll be running multiple events a day when I'm on holiday. smiley Still a gift there holding 100 points.
December 6th, 2017
Day Six
Decorate any in-game tree. You can use the simple tiny tree that came with the game or use any external playscenes/toyz/etc As long as it's a tree and is decorated.
Anyone who enters by December 7th at 9am site time will be awarded 10 candycanes (and one gets 15)
December 5th, 2017
Day #5b
Put together an image of your petz in the winter playscene. Ends
11pm site time. 10 candycanes, and I'll pick one to award 15 candycanes. :)
Day Five
Another find-it. Find the santa hat, click it, and instantly be awarded 10 candycanes. If you're having trouble finding it, try relogging. I'm not hiding the holiday find-its very deep.
I'll run another event after work today, but the find-it will stay up until Day Six.
December 4th, 2017
Day Four
Day four is up. First 10 to answer will receive 10 candycanes.
December 3rd, 2017
Day Three
First 15 to post a link to an image of their pet(z) in winter clothing will receive 10 candycanes.
December 2nd, 2017
Day #2b
Decorate a petz playscene for the holidays and post a link to a screenshot in the cbox. First 10 entries get 15 candycanes.
Day Two
A simple find-it. Find the gold gift, click it, and instantly get 10 candycanes. Will be taken down 12:30 site time. If you're having a hard time finding it (it's not hidden deep) try relogging.
December 1st, 2017
Event Day 1b
First 10 to answer get 10 candycanes.
Event Start + Event Day One
The tree is open, and the first event is running. A simple "first 10 people to post" to start.
If you're unsure how the event works, read the previous news.
If any gift images aren't working, just claim the gift and contact me. I'll show you the image and refund you if you decide not to keep.
Gifts may be added during the event. I'll post updates "Gift #200 has been restocked"
Please keep track of gifts you've already opened. I know I have in the past but I'm NOT refunding people this year if you open a gift you already opened and re-wrapped.
The only refunding I'll do is if you open a gift you've donated.
Huge thanks to CatCreature for working as much as I did, if not more, to help. Even with no internet you came through again haha
Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for being a member, and hopefully out of the (currently) 284 gifts, you'll find something you like. :)
November 25th, 2017
Holiday Giveaway Event
Starts: December 1st
Ends: December 31st
I might not run an event every day, but I might run more than one event in one day. That's the only difference this year.
For anyone new to the event: (old copy paste info + prize samples)
*You earn "candycanes" to buy gifts.
When you have enough for a gift, click "Purchase" and the following will show;
*If you want the gift, type in your email and click "Confirm". If you don't want the gift, click "Re-wrap". Re-wrapped gifts go back under the tree for someone else to claim. You don't get the candycanes you spent on the gift back. Whether you claim or not, the candycanes are gone.
*Each gift was given a price entirely randomized by the system. That means that a bred pet can cost 25 and a hex can cost 7.

*If you open a gift you've donated, just re-wrap it, message me the gift number you purchased, and I'll refund you.

*Please do NOT share what's inside gifts. If you open a gift and re-wrap, you can NOT tell others what's inside the gift. You'll be banned from the event.

*You earn candycanes either by visiting the Tree page and clicking "Get your FREE candycanes", which you'll get between 1-4 candycanes. You can also purchase up to 10 candycanes a day for 5 points. Finally, the main way you'll get candycanes is by taking part in the mini events. I will randomly put up a simple event and whoever completes it either within the time limit, entry limit, or before I change the event will be awarded X candycanes.
(If you have EP left over from another site event you can also exchange them)

Events can include a flash game to decorate a tree or build a snowman, uploading your own pictures of your holiday decorations, find-its, or simply answering a holiday related question. Some events only accept the first X entries. There are no competitions. No entries are judged based on quality or ratings. It will almost always be "The first 10 entries will get 5 candycanes" or "Whoever enters by 7pm server time will get 5 candycanes" etc
There's currently 155 gifts to be claimed. 50 hexies, 80 bred petz, 3 50 points, 3 100 points, 1 3 permit pack, 6 jingle collars (4 new colors), and still adding more.

November 5th, 2017
Change in User Shop and Gem Shop purchase
User shop files will now delete after a single download (rather than time period, too many files being uploaded to keep up)
Added 5 second delay for file deletion in user and gem shops to help prevent files from being deleted too quickly on mobile browsers. Some browsers can still hold a "cache" of the file you downloaded so it may be possible to click the link more than once and be able to download the file. The file is truly deleted from the system already though.
If you have any file downloading issues, please contact me BY PM or email first and I'll see if I can get it sorted without bothering the seller. Thanks for being patient with possible bugs. Just trying to size down the site a bit to bring new stuff. :)
November 4th, 2017
Stardust's Holiday Giveaway Return
Despite the crippling stress of life, Stardust's Holiday Giveaway will run again this year in December. laugh
Stardust is already hard at work "preparing" the gifts.
Maybe that gem shop file you missed will make an appearance, along with many new files, clothes (yes, the jingle collar will return once again), bred petz, toys, etc.
Old members, new members, rich members, poor members, Halloween dogz and everyone else is forced  welcome to take part.
More info including exact dates later. Depending on what I can whip up, the event will run for two-four weeks.
(those who aren't familiar with the event, you collect candycanes from events which lets you buy gifts that have prizes inside. Claim the ones you want, re-wrap the ones you don't)

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