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January 16th, 2018
Gem Shops
Haven't gotten the time to add in an auto-stocker for other timezones yet. Working on it.
January 11th, 2018
Gem Stock
remember 1 per person per file
January 4th, 2018
Gem Shop Stock
Emerald and diamond shop
Adding random files throughout the day.
December 26th, 2017
Stardust's Giveaway Event End
All gifts have been claimed and sent out. If you haven't received a gift you claimed, let me know.
Thanks to everyone who took part and for the appreciation with what you got. smiley
Hope everyone had/is having an awesome holiday time. See you next year for the next Stardust giveaway event.
Still two weeks of vacation left and with no tree to fill, expect the Gem Shops to be getting some attention soon. smiley
December 23rd, 2017
Day 23
First 15 to post get 15 candycanes.
December 22th, 2017
Day 22
First 15 to make a snowflake gets 15 candycanes.
33 gifts left. I'll run events up to December 30th, and after that gifts will start to be marked down the longer they sit.
Sample of what's still under the tree
December 19th, 2017
Day 19
Answer the question before December 20th at 5pm and get 10 candycanes.
December 18th, 2017
Added under tree.
Day 18
Time for a more time consuming event. First 15 to decorate the room and post a screenshot in cbox get 20 candycanes. I'll pick one to give 25.
December 17th, 2017
Day 17
A simple first 10 to post get 15 candycanes. Tomorrow will be a more interactive event.
December 15th, 2017

Added 4 hexies in the gift tree

and 10 bred petz (missed one)
Day 15
Anyone who answers the prompt by December 16th at 2pm will receive 10 candycanes.
December 13th, 2017
Day 13-14
Decorate a gingerbread cookie and post screenshot. Event ends tomorrow (December 14th) at 7pm to celebrate the start of my holiday from work. cool
December 12th, 2017
Day #12
Another damn tree to decorate? Yup! Anyone who enters before
December 12th, 11pm site time will receive 15 candycanes (I'll pick one to give 20)
December 11th, 2017
Day 11b
Freebies. Whoever posts in the cbox beforeDecember 12th, 10am site time will get 10 candycane.
Day Eleven
First 10 people who decorate the gingerbread house on the event page will receive 15 candycanes. One will receive 20.
(Sometimes I'm stuck between two so one might get 17 and another 20)
December 9th, 2017
Day Nine
First 10 people who decorate the snowman on the event page will receive 15 candycanes. One will receive 20.
(Sometimes I'm stuck between two so one might get 17 and another 20)
December 8th, 2017
Day Eight
Find the tree ornament, click it, and instantly be awarded 15 candycanes. (It's probably in a spot that makes a lot of sense :P)

Ends when you click it, and it will be taken down December 9th at 10am site time.
If you can't find it, try relogging.
Only eight days in and almost half the gifts are claimed already. I'll probably do one small restock when we hit more than half because I'll be running multiple events a day when I'm on holiday. smiley Still a gift there holding 100 points.

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